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San Diego workers' compensation attorney with 30 years of certified experience in workers' compensation law. Raymond J. Navarro helps injured workers in San Diego maximize their rightful workers' comp benefits. El Abogado habla Español!

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    Workers' Compensation Attorney San Diego

    San Diego workers compensation attorney, Raymond J. Navarro, offers 25 years of experience in workers' compensation law and helping injured workers maximize their workers' comp benefits. El Abogado habla Español.

    Dedicated to Injured Workers Rights

    Ray Navarro Work Injury Lawyer San Diego

    Raymond J. Navarro, Esq.

    San Diego work injury attorney providing California-certified legal guidance for injured workers. Located in San Diego and serving injured workers throughout the county, Raymond J. Navarro has dedicated 30 years fighting for the rights of injured workers!

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      Why Do You Need A
      Workers' Compensation Attorney?

      The reasons are simple.

      Maximize Your Benefits

      Certified legal representation is necessary to maximize your workers' compensation benefits during these trying times.

      Workers Have Rights!

      Work injuries can be a stressful and confusing experience. We can help get you back on track.

      Free Consultation

      No upfront costs and your initial consultation with a San Diego workers' comp attorney is 100% FREE of charge!

      Free Consultation with a certified workers' comp attorney.

      Workers' Compensation Benefits

      • Medical Care

        Choose your treating doctor.

      • Temporary Disability

        Bi-weekly payments provided for up to 2 years.

      • Vocational Rehabilitation

        $6000 in funds are allotted to learn a new occupation.

      • Permanent Disability

        Monetary benefits are awarded based on your level of long term limitations.

      • Future Medical Treatment

        Long term medical care is paid by the insurance company.

      • Death Benefits

        If a work injury results in death, dependents can claim death benefits.

      • COVID-19 Benefits

        Questions are coming in and we are here to answer them.


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